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Grand Rapids Bridge Rehabilitation

As the successful bidder, Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd. was awarded the Manitoba Infrastructure contract to complete the Grand Rapids bridge rehabilitation project on PTH #6 over the Saskatchewan River.

The scope of work completed by Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd. included the supply, fabrication and erection of a seal expansion joint, erection of a modular expansion joint, rehabilitation of the pier, curb and sidewalk concrete as well as the rehabilitation of the deck joints.

Additional works included the installation of anchor bolt assemblies and electrical conduit for street lighting, cleaning out and installation of fish wires in existing conduits is the deck (for rewiring of the navigation lights by others), and the rehabilitation of the existing navigation lights.

This project required an extension of 17 days to complete the extra work requested by the Engineer. Although additional men and resources were added to complete the extra work, weather conditions prohibited all work from being completed by that date.

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