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East Favel Bridge & Approach Roadworks

Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd. was the successful bidder for the Manitoba Infrastructure contract for the construction of a new one span 45.2M x 13.2M precast prestressed concrete I-girder bridge on PTH #10 over the East Favel River in Minitonas, MB.

This project included the demolition, removal, dismantling and salvaging of the existing bridge prior to construction of the new bridge, completed with silica fume deck overlay, requiring heating and hoarding due to weather conditions.

Works also included construction of the approach road works: embankment, granular base course and bituminous pavement adjacent to the bridge. Erosion control with seed and fertilizer, then blanket (100% coconut) on top, reinforced silt barrier (geotextile, wire mesh, posts), rip rap, reinforced silt barrier were placed.

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