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CP Rail Main Street Underpass Rehabilitation

Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd. was the successful bidder awarded to complete the rehabilitation of 30 concrete columns on the CPR Main Street Underpass. This project was done to prevent further deterioration of the columns and add longevity to the existing structure.

Minimizing traffic disruption while working on an active roadway, the column rehabilitation included the demolition of the existing concrete, placement of galvanized steel jackets around the base of the columns, forming and pouring of new concrete using self consolidating concrete to encase the columns.

Additional work completed by Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd. to the CPR Main Street Underpass were repairs to the south west wing wall of the underpass. Construction included excavating, chipping to remove all loose concrete down to the undamaged concrete followed by sandblasting to clean the surface. After dowels and rebar were tied and placed, forms were erected and the new concrete was poured. Due to weather conditions, this project required heating and hoarding.

Further work on the Main Street underpass structure included the rehabilitation of the west abutment wall jacket. This project required core sampling to determine the condition of the concrete. Loose concrete was then removed down to the sound concrete. The surface was sandblasted clean, dowels and rebar were placed, formwork was installed and self consolidating concrete was poured.

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