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Price Industries Sound Lab

Through the design/build process, Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd. successfully completed the expansion, replacement and renovation of the existing production and Research & Development facility for Price Industries Limited. Major components of this project included the additions of a Sound Isolation Chamber and a Radiant Test Chamber, both the first of their kind in North America, as well an extension of the existing laboratory and office space which remained in full operation throughout the construction process.

The Noise Control Lab is an unbelievable test facility with the most sophisticated sound measurement equipment available. Through a 30,000 CFM fan, multiple source chambers, and the 21,000 cubic foot Reverberant Sound Room, the lab enables Price Industries Limited to test and demonstrate in-line and elbow silencers for insertion loss, airflow-generated noise, and pressure drop.

The new Radiant Room has been described by Price Industries Limited as a state of the art, world-class radiant system testing facility. This room is unique in that all four walls, floor, and ceiling can all be set to a specific temperature. All surface temperatures stay consistent through the use of 60 independent cold or hot water loops. It is a one of-a-kind facility in North America.

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